Workshops and Training


Seeking additional exposure to and expertise in the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions* model? Whether you're a clinician, educator, or parent, you have many training options. If you're relatively new to the model, the one-day Introductory trainings (posted at the bottom of this page) are usually a good place to start (and many can be viewed live via the web). If you're ready for the next level, there are Advanced, Certification, and Skill Enhancement trainings to help you further develop and enhance your skills. There are also a variety of conferences held throughout the world.  And if you're interested in having the entire staff trained in the model in your school, inpatient psychiatry unit, therapeutic group home, or residential or juvenile detention facility, scroll down a little and you'll find what you're looking for.


if you're interested in having staff in your school, inpatient psychiatry unit, therapeutic group home, or residential or juvenile detention facility trained in Dr. Greene's CPS model, you'll want to check out the possibilities for ongoing consultation and training provided by Lives in the Balance. You'll receive training specifically tailored to the needs of your staff and facility, and the affordability will probably surprise you.


Advanced trainings for educators and clinicians provide participants with additional exposure to and instruction in key facets of the CPS model, video examples of its application, and model updates. These trainings are offered in various locations throughout the world. The advanced trainings are for those who have had some prior exposure to the model, often through attendance at one of Dr. Greene’s one-day introductory trainings, as well as for those who have already attended a prior advanced training and have been actively applying the model in clinical work or in a treatment or education setting. All advanced trainings are taught by Dr. Greene. Here are the locations and dates for upcoming advanced trainings:

Prince Edward Island, Canada (April 12-13, 2018) Register
Toronto, Ontario (April 26-27, 2018) Registration opens soon
Kelowna, British Columbia (May 1-3, 2018) Register
York, England (May 23-24, 2018) Registration opens soon
Portland, Maine (July 11-13, 2018) Register
Gothenburg, Sweden (August 13-14, 2018) Register
Stockholm, Sweden (August 16-17, 2018) Register
Portland, Oregon (October 10-11, 2018) Registration opens soon
Oslo, Norway (October 24-26, 2018) Register

If you can't make it in person, the advanced training is now available in DVD and streaming video formats.


Certification for Providers:  In this course, Dr. Greene and his colleagues from Lives in the Balance provide supervised practice and feedback aimed at developing proficiency in the application of the CPS model for individual clinicians, educators, and other providers who work directly with challenging youth and their caregivers. Registration is limited to 10-12 participants per training. Participants audiotape their use of the model with actual kids and their caregivers and receive weekly feedback on their application of the model in 24 weekly, 90-minute group teleconference supervision sessions. Prerequisite: prior attendance at one of Dr. Greene’s advanced trainings (see above) and access to a sufficient number of kids and caregivers to permit audio-taping of the use of the model over time. (The introductory trainings below do not satisfy the advanced training requirement.) Upon successful completion of this certification training, participants are eligible to provide the model in schools and outpatient settings and to begin receiving training in speaking on the CPS model and providing consultation, supervision, and coaching to train others. (If you're interested in having a larger group of staff in your school or therapeutic facility trained in the CPS model, contact Lives in the Balance for more information.)

These trainings commence in September of each year. Applications are no longer being accepted for the September, 2017 trainings. If you have questions about future trainings, please call or email Lisa Hunter-Romanelli at the REACH Institute, the co-sponsor of these trainings, at 212-947-7322 or


Designed for individual clinicians, educators, and other providers working directly with challenging youth and their caregivers, this course is an alternative to the lengthier, more intensive 24-week certification training in Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS). Over the course of five 60-minute group teleconference sessions, participants receive coaching and feedback from certified providers in CPS to increase their skills in the application of the CPS model. The first session is focused on honing skills in using the Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems (ALSUP).  The remaining four sessions are focused on Plan B, and involve having participants audiotape their use of Plan B with actual kids and their caregivers so as to receive explicit coaching and feedback. Registration is limited to six participants per training. For more information, and to register, contact us at


The School Discipline That Works Conference -- co-sponsored by Lives in the Balance and the US Alliance to End the Hitting of Children -- is scheduled for February 8-9 in Atlanta, Georgia, and features presenters Tina Payne Bryson, PhD., Dr. Greene, Carol Ann Tomlinson, EdD, Greg Santucci, MS OTR, David Corwin, MD, Vicki Corwin, Dr. Bettina Love, Robbyn Peters Bennett, LPC, CMHS, and George Davis, MD. Register here.


The Lives in the Balance New England School Mental Health Conference was held in Norwood, Massachusetts on November 6-7 and featured Christian Stewart-Ferrer, a internationally renowned Danish authority on autism spectrum disorders speaking for the first time in North America, along with leading experts Lisa Ferentz (trauma), Steven Fiefer (learning and emotional disabilitiies), Adele Lafrance (Emotion-Focused School Support), and Dr. Greene (Collaborative & Proactive Solutions). Dates for next year's Conference are forthcoming!


The Lives in the Balance Seventh Annual International Summit was held in Portland, Maine, on Monday, October 2nd...what a day! You can find streaming video of the highlights of the day here. And we're already planning for our 2018'll be on Friday, November 2nd, again in Portland, and will feature keynote speaker Julie Causton, Ph.D., Professor in the Inclusive and Special Education Program in the Department of Teaching and Leadership at Syracuse University. Stay tuned for details.


The 2017 Lives in the Balance Annual European Summit on Non-Punitive, Non-Adversarial Interventions for At-Risk Kids was held in Gothenburg, Sweden from October 31-November 2, 2017. Streaming video is forthcoming. Mark your calendar for dates for the 2018 European Summit (October 29-30, 2018). 


Dr. Greene and his colleagues often conduct special evening presentations for parents, sponsored or co-sponsored by Lives in the Balance:

Dr. Greene will be speaking for the Parents' Association at the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study Laboratory School at the University of Toronto the evening of April 26, 2018...details to follow...

And more are in the pipeline...


Dr. Greene and his colleagues provide one-day introductory trainings on the CPS model. The workshops listed below vary in length and there may be an admission charge to attend, depending on the sponsor of each seminar. If you're interested in having Dr. Greene or one of his colleagues speak to or for your group or organization, just use the Contact form on this website.

If there aren't any upcoming workshops in your area, you can access Dr. Greene's one-day introductory training through streaming video or downloadable MP4 video or MP3 audio formats or by purchasing a DVD (click here). 

Date City Sponsor/Program Speaker Registration
Feb. 8-9 Atlanta, GA School Discipline That Works Conference Ross Greene, PhD Register
June 20 St. Louis, MO Trauma-Informed School Conference/Beyond Consequences Institute Ross Greene, PhD Register
August 15 Karlstad, Sweden Pedagogiskt Perspektiv Ross Greene, PhD Register

A significant portion of the proceeds from these workshops are donated to the non-profit Lives in the Balance. Dates and locations are updated continuously.

*Dr. Greene called his model "Collaborative Problem Solving" prior to 2013, but now refers to the model as Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS). He is not affiliated in any way with individuals or institutions that are now marketing a product called "Collaborative Problem Solving," and does not recommend or endorse their work. Read more here.